Evaluate, Coach, and Create Charismatic Sellers

We Believe:

  • Your sales team is the heartbeat of your business; and we keep them pumping…in this virtual world and beyond!
  • First impressions matter. A sale can be won or lost within the first five minutes.
  • People buy from people they trust.

We Know:

  • Your charisma counts and CharismaQ keeps score. Are you winning?

What We Do

CharismaQ is a coaching and communication platform.

We evaluate, coach, and create charismatic sellers. Through our proven process, we teach salespeople to master the art and science of charisma.

CharismaQ members improve their confidence, presence, and likeability to drive increased productivity and revenue for your organization.

IMAGINE the Net Effect of making each member of your sales team 10% more effective.


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How We’re Different

We don’t teach you how to sell. We teach you how to engage and connect with buyers at the human level. We not only tell you what to do, we tell you how to do it—all with Certified CharismaQ Coaches.

The Art & Science of Charisma

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Message Alignment

Message Alignment



Can Charisma Be Taught?

“Only 13% of executive buyers believe that a salesperson can clearly show they understand their business issues and articulate a way to solve them.”

– Forrester

Charisma is the quality of being able to attract, engage, and influence those around you. Charisma can be taught—by the right people.

We bring together our expertise in sales and TV News to create a program unique to sellers. It’s a tech-enabled, member experience delivered by our coaches, TV broadcast journalists who are story-telling masters.


Our Offerings


Does your team choose to communicate through email and phone instead of video? Is your brand misrepresented on video calls? Are your competitors showing up better than you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, CharismaQ can help.

CharismaQ Workshops

  • Focuses on three key areas: set, self, script
  • A combination of self-paced, on-demand coaching videos and live workshop
  • Up your game on video calls with a better appearance, sound, message and experience for all video interactions.
Take your confidence to the next level with CharismaQ personal coaching. We bring together technology and expert coaches to understand your opportunities, create a Conquer Plan, deliver the right content and measure results.

CharismaQ Personal Coaching

  • Evaluate, coach and create charismatic sellers and leaders
  • High-touch, 1:1 sessions with a certified charisma coach
  • Validated, repeatable process to teach charisma



Co-Founders Terri Herrmann and Katrina Cravy

Terri Herrmann, SaaS Marketing & Sales Executive

Terri believes that behind every great brand is an even better story. She knows that true financial success happens when you have the confidence to live your own personal brand and communicate the “story of you.”

Terri spent her entire career leading sales and marketing teams for global staffing and technology companies. Most recently, Terri was a member of the executive team for a SaaS HR technology company that resulted in a $100M exit.

Terri has earned a stellar reputation for winning awards, developing high-performing teams, creating market awareness, building brands, and driving revenue.

Katrina Cravy, Emmy Award-Winning TV Journalist & Executive Coach

Katrina has been obsessed with the art and science of charisma ever since her grandfather taught her how to shake hands – the right way.

She went on to met and interview thousands of people across the country as an Emmy award-winning TV journalist. As an investigative reporter, anchor, and talk show host, Katrina has worked for FOX, NBC, and ABC affiliates.

It did not take her long to realize most people don’t have the ability to craft and communicate a compelling message. After more than 20 years of success as a TV broadcast journalist, Katrina built her own successful business coaching CEOs, leaders, and organizations how to build their brands, tell great stories, and charismatically connect with their audience.