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It’s Time To Evaluate, Coach, and Create Charismatic People

CharismaQ is a unique coaching and communications platform. Our certified CharismaQ coaches are communication experts and master storytellers.

We bring executive-level coaching to scale for teams who are ready to celebrate their highest potential.

Selling has changed overnight. Forward-thinking companies are upgrading their communication skills - virtually and beyond.

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In this new world of selling, you need the power of charisma! Think of your top performers. Those people who just seem to have “it”.

Now envision giving those people skills…power skills…to everyone on your team.

Calculate the Net Effect of Making Each Member of Your Team 10% More Effective.

See why our customers are reporting more:

  • First Meetings
  • New Opportunities
  • Larger Average Deal Sizes
  • Greater Win Rates

We believe customer-facing teams are the heartbeat of your organization.

We believe our new and unique coaching and communications platform is what high-performers have been waiting for.

We believe you should never end a sentence with a preposition, but we did it anyway…because we are fun, we are okay with being different, and ultimately we know people do business with people who are real.

Tired of sounding like your competitors?

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Use Case - SaaS Healthcare Analytics


Use Case - Employee Benefits Administrator


Use Case - Insurance


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