3 Tips for a Great Sales Pitch

3 Tips for a Great Sales Pitch

Many envision sales pitches as something you throw at customers like a baseball hoping that they catch the idea. However, customers are more active than passive in today’s modern market and demand a more personalized, meaningful message. According to statistics, more than 92% of customers believe that access to more information can change their expectations and ideas about a company. This shows that creating a well-crafted pitch can increase your chance of success. Here are some tips to follow:

1.    Understand Customers’ Needs

One of the greatest ways to deliver a successful sales pitch is to offer solutions for real problems. According to Gartner, nearly 70% of a buyer’s research is done before every engaging a supplier. Customers engage you when they believe you have a potential solution to their problem. The more empathy you show them, the more problems you will uncover. https://www.gartner.com/en/sales/insights/b2b-buying-journey

Customers turn to you in search of solutions; this is why you need to ensure that you’re delivering right. Research your target audience and find out what major obstacles they face. This way, you’ll be able to curate a customized idea based on what your customer is looking for. One great way to identify issues is by working with multiple stakeholders. You will gain different perspectives and uncover more challenges. Most b2b buying today is done by building stakeholder consensus. Building buyer consensus will help you connect and communicate with your customers effectively. 

2.    Show Customers You’re in For the Long Run

If your buyers are investing in a certain product or service you’re offering, they need to feel confident about their decision—and trust YOU. You must assure your customers you’re not looking for a sale but willing to build a partnership and deliver real results.  Make buying from you easy for them. Demonstrate the vision of partnering with you.

3.    First Impressions and Vocal Delivery Matter

Another thing to keep in mind is that your delivery matters.  Gartner says buyers only spend 5% of the buying process engaged with suppliers. Your time is precious. Record your pitch and practice—especially if you’re selling virtually. Take note of your filler words, your pace, your volume, and your energy.  You also need to be aware of all emotions or facial cues your exhibit. Presenting a fact-riddled presentation will definitely bore your audience and won’t win the pitch. You need to show your passion, belief, and enthusiasm for your customer and your ability to solve their challenges.


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