4 Myths about Virtual Selling Busted

4 Myths about Virtual Selling Busted

Many still believe that the traditional way of selling will always be superior to modern selling ways. But that isn’t true, especially in today’s age of the internet and virtual or remote selling. It is quickly becoming a requirement in all fields of business.

In fact, many sales leaders believe that 63% of virtual meetings for sales are effective. 68% of those customers who engage in B2B selling prefer independent online researching now. They now spend more time online to read up on the products they need.

COVID has also left virtual selling as the last resort for many to conduct business and sell their products or services. Here are some myths about virtual selling that should be busted now.

Myth: People Prefer In-Person Meetings and Discussions

This might be true for some, but since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, people are well aware that this has shaped the future. Now, clients have grown accustomed to all virtual selling-related meetings on online platforms and many organizations have adopted the process of a virtual meeting as the first step in the entire buying process. Remember, just because you want to get back to face-to-face meetings, doesn’t mean your prospects do.

Myth: Digital Natives Feel Comfortable on Video

People say this because they think young people will have more knowledge of and feel more comfortable using the new tools used in virtual selling. Knowledge of tools isn’t enough when you’re an inexperienced seller. You also must possess virtual selling skills that will shape the buyer’s decision and also satisfy the buyer’s needs while answering their queries or concerns.

Myth: High-Value/Important Business Deal Can’t Be Closed Online

Not true. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking out an important, high-stake client for a dinner for closing a deal or you’re holding an online meeting. Contracts and deals will turn out in your favor if both the parties are getting something valuable out of it and the discussions are thoughtful. In a recent survey by Bain and Company, 92% of b2b buyers preferred virtual interactions.

Myth: Virtual Selling is Just a Phase

This is far from the truth, as virtual selling is the new normal. Many companies have completely moved their sales departments online as the teams now have members from all over the world. This allows more diversity.

Teams now have experts giving their advice from all over the world, and virtual interactions can take place all day long, despite the timezones. The number of people who have had to work remotely at least once a week has grown by 400% in the past 12 years. By now, everyone should be comfortable with virtual selling and working from home.

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