5 Ways to Develop Your Leadership Skills

5 Ways to Develop Your Leadership Skills

Leadership skills can define what role you play as a leader. They also play an important role in your career development. Whether these leadership skills are technical or soft skills that can move your career forward, these skills are necessary to help you become an effective leader.

By taking on the role as  leader, you can expedite your career and empower or motivate those around you to take on leadership roles. Here are the skills you need to possess and how you can develop them.

Practice Discipline

For effective leadership, you must have discipline. A good leader needs to develop discipline and inspire their team members to also have discipline in their work. You demonstrate those skills you want your team to possess as well.

Always meet your deadlines, end meetings on time, keep appointments, and be organized in general. You can’t expect to become perfectly disciplined right off the bat but start small like having a good routine, waking up early, and exercising daily.

Learn to Follow

Good leaders learn from those around them and are open to following another person in the team when appropriate. As a leader, you should not feel threatened or intimidated when someone questions you, has a better idea than you, or disagrees with you.

Be open to receiving criticism and ideas that can help the team and give credit to those bringing forward good ideas. When you encourage such things, others will step up and show their best for you.

Embrace Constructive Conflict

If people are disagreeing, that can be a good thing. It means they care enough about the company and task at hand to take a stand. As a leader, always assume positive intent and have the same expectations of your team. Foster a culture of agree vs. accept. Your team may not always agree with the decisions you make, but they need to accept the decision and move forward.

Practice Empathy and Be a Discerning Listener

An important part of being a good leader is someone who listens. With every conversation, be fully present. When you’re meeting with your team members 1:1 make it a personal goal to learn something new and teach something. If your employees feel like they’re being heard, they will trust you. They will come to you often and easily. This will also build an environment of effective two-way communication

Have a Plan for Personal Growth and Development

As a leader, you need to be open to growth and personal development. You have to make it a priority as this will help progress your career as well. Always take out time to learn and instead of finding excuses to stay busy, read a book or watch a movie about good leadership. Schedule time to learn and have a plan that you stick to.

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