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Your Answers To Commonly Asked Charisma Questions

You betcha! Professors, behavioral scientists, and industrial psychologists have determined the qualities, behaviors, and traits of a charismatic individual. Read our position paper, “Trust, Charisma, and the Future of Selling,” to learn more.

First, we need to know your baseline CharismaQ score. Through a video evaluation, CharismaQ members start their journey by answering 10 evaluation questions. Your answers to those questions allow us to measure the components of charisma – our CharismaQ6: 

  • First Impression
  • Message Alignment
  • Delivery 
  • Empathy 
  • Authenticity 
  • Confidence

Our platform serves up your evaluation videos. As one of our customers said, “It’s great! I finally get to see myself as my client sees me.”  

We also have your self-score your answers before a certified CharismaQ coach scores you too.

Next step – book a personal coaching session with your CharismaQ coach to review your initial evaluation, talk about what areas have potential for growth, and create a development plan to track your success. 

1. Share with your manager and others in the organization one of the videos or case studies on this site. They provide a glimpse into CharismaQ’s work..

2. Fill out our CharismaQ ROI (Return on Investment) calculator and show others how our coaching leads to real results.

3. Download and share our whitepaper – “Trust, Charisma, and the Future of Selling”. 

Whether you do one of these or all three – thank you!

CharismaQ offers entertaining and interactive large group webinars, team workshops, and subscription-based coaching sessions.

Typically, enterprise companies’ partner with us to create a one-of-a-kind onboarding experience. We work with your new hires and those “new to their role” to be great listeners and then confidently deliver the value of your brand.

Based on CharismaQ satisfaction surveys, 99% of members say they can take what they learned and immediately apply it to their jobs. 

We also track our subscription coaching members with real metrics. Whether you want to achieve more first meetings, larger deal sizes, or any KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for your industry, your CharismaQ coach holds you accountable for the goals you set in our shared Conquer Plan. 

CharismaQ works to create confident communicators on every channel. Our proven method will help your team improve first impressions, message alignment, delivery, empathy, authenticity, and confidence.

We specialize in virtual sales techniques because connecting over a camera requires a different skill set. But to the tune of New York, New York – “if you can make it here… you can make it anywhere.” 

So yes! These powerful people skills are applied virtually and beyond. 

CharismaQ coaching doesn’t pull you away from your day-to-day activities for hours at a time. Our foundational learning videos are self-led and on-demand.

Our members schedule their coaching sessions and create their conquer plans to exceed their day-to-day goals, not interfere.  

On average, we improve outcomes for customer-facing team members by 10%. We’ve developed an ROI calculator to help you understand your individual ROI.

CharismaQ partners with midsize to large enterprise organizations across various industries. We work with insurance, financial services, advanced manufacturing, SaaS, and business services. All our customers have one thing in common, they deal in “high-trust transactions.” Our customers know building relationships and buyer trust in our new world of selling is the key to accelerating business outcomes.

Sales training often refers to a point-in-time event, taking customer-facing teams away from their day-to-day activities.

Sales coaching occurs on-demand, when CharismaQ members need an extra brain boost. Our expert coaches work with your individual team members to figure out the best approach for a particular buyer, hone their persuasive listening skills, and practice to present your message.

CharismaQ helps sales teams get more first meetings, generate more opportunities and close more deals. On average, CharismaQ members get 13.5 more first meetings, generate 22% more opportunities, and improve their win rate by 13% as a result of our coaching.

CharismaQ helps our members become great communicators on every device and channel. In 2020, when customer-facing teams could no longer meet face-to-face, companies of all sizes in all industries turned to us to help their teams improve their virtual presence. 

While the CharismaQ experience and approach is tailored to individuals, those individuals come to us as part of a customer-facing team.

Our subscription-based package offers personal coaching time plus access to group workshops.

Experienced sales leaders know the game is always changing and COVID packed a gut punch.

Insights from McKinsey & Company show in almost all industries employees now need a new set of skills. Those who were great over dinner and drinks now need to embrace the hybrid approach to sales. 

Virtual meetings improve productivity and ultimately profit. Plus, buyers prefer virtual. Those who are now charismatic on every channel will win.

CharismaQ is better because of what we teach, who does the coaching, and how we make sure the learning sticks!

It’s the story of the 3 “Cs”:

  1. Our Components
  2. Our Coaches
  3. Our Conquer Plan

You owe it to your team to discover more about CharismaQ and see if you qualify for “The CharismaQ Project”.

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