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We Bring the Power of Charisma to Our New Generation of Selling

As a global pandemic threatened the worldwide economy, CharismaQ launched on April Fool’s Day. No joke! 

Our business plan to “bring executive-level communication coaching to scale through technology” had been baking for nearly a year and a half. So, when the world was forced to meet on video, we realized the time was – NOW!

Who better to teach people how to be good on camera than an Emmy award-winning TV journalist and a leading SaaS executive who managed customer-facing teams?

How We Started

CharismaQ landed its first customer on April 17th and hustled to officially incorporate on April 28th, 2020 in Wisconsin.

Our customers are hustlers too and they talk! They have thankfully shared our new charisma coaching experience with other high performers across the world.

From financial services to large manufacturing, our partners all share one common bond…you deal in high-trust transactions where your buyer often buys your people more than your product.

Here’s to making your people – shine!

Katrina Cravy
Emmy Award-Winning TV Journalist & Executive Coach

Katrina has been obsessed with the art and science of charisma ever since her grandfather taught her how to shake hands - the right way.

She went on to meet and interview thousands of people across the country as an Emmy award-winning TV journalist. As an investigative reporter, anchor, and talk show host, Katrina has worked for FOX, NBC, and ABC affiliates. It did not take her long to realize most people don’t have the ability to craft and communicate a compelling message.

After more than 20 years of success as a TV broadcast journalist, Katrina built her own successful business coaching CEOs, leaders and organizations how to build their brands, tell great stories, and charismatically connect with their audience.

Terri Herrmann
SaaS Marketing & Sales Executive

Terri believes that behind every great brand is an even better story. She knows that true financial success happens when you have the confidence to live your own personal brand and communicate the “story of you.”

Terri spent her entire career leading sales and marketing teams for global staffing and technology companies. Terri has interviewed hundreds of customer-facing professionals and managed dozens. She knows about the impact of charisma on performance.

Terri has earned a stellar reputation for winning awards, developing and scaling high performing teams, bringing powerful messages to market, building differentiating brands, and driving profitable growth.



An introduction to the importance of charisma. Learn proven techniques and get actionable advice to show up and make a great virtual first impression. Designed for groups of all sizes.


In just five hours over three weeks, your teams get the foundational learning to begin to close the gaps. Designed for teams of 10 or more.

Coaching Sessions

CharismaQ coaching sessions offer a consistent effective way to learn your company’s message and elevator pitch and deliver it in a confident, compelling way.

Coaching Subscriptions

Consider a coaching subscription if you want to promote a culture of learning or retain a group of high potential employees who want to develop and grow.

Let's Talk

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