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Charisma = Success

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Smart Leaders Know Relationships Lead to Revenue ...

Your team may understand your product, but do they know how to win with people

Charisma is the ability to attract, engage, motivate, and influence those around you. 

These people power skills drive real results:

  • 25% more productivity
  • 20% more new opportunities
  • 13% greater win rate

CharismaQ is a coaching and communication platform purpose-built to evaluate, coach, and create charismatic people. Through our proven process, we teach customer-facing teams to master the art and science of charisma.

When you think of someone who is charismatic, do they have our CharismaQ6?

The CharismaQ 6 Components

You have to be true to who you are. Your gender, your ethnicity, your story, and your personal brand are all key to connecting with others.

We help teams build and deliver their personal core values – because let’s face it – everyone can spot a phony!

No doubt your company has spent thousands of dollars creating a brand, a vision, and key marketing messages. 

Now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is – your customer-facing teams. The CharismaQ platform evaluation makes sure your team can say your mission with confidence.

Your team’s ability to understand what your buyer is thinking, feeling, and doing – is powerful. Everyone wants to be heard. 

Unfortunately, 87% of buyers don’t think the seller understands their needs.

Your team only has seconds to impress your customers. Research studies show we all make surprisingly accurate assessments of a person’s abilities with our first interactions.

How would you rate the way your team dresses, their grooming, their posture, their hand shakes, and their body language?

True confidence comes from inside. High-performers boost their confidence by preparing, practicing, and building upon their past successes. 

The CharismaQ coaching and communications platform allows our members to track their prep and practice time leading to more confidence and greater win rates.

Your vocal quality, your volume, your pace, your enunciation, and your choice of words separates you from the competition. 

Over-using filler words and phrases such as “like, you know, ah, so, kinda” doesn’t build buyer trust. Our mission is to build a world of confident communicators.

Sales So Good You'll Have to High-Five!

The New Generation of Selling Requires a New Approach to Learning

What Buyers Want. Today’s modern buyer is overwhelmed. They have more information and vendors in front of them than ever before. They do 70% of their research before ever engaging a supplier.

Then the buyer wants someone who understands their needs, makes buying easy, and ultimately makes them feel confident about their purchase decision.

What Companies Typically Teach

Onboard training often focuses on product features, functions, and demos. More than half of customer-facing teams are missing a key ingredient to building buyer trust.

They are missing charisma.

The ability to attract, engage, motivate, and influence people is teachable. Ultimately these skills create relationships which lead to revenue. 

What Makes Us Different

Forward-thinking companies are embracing our new approach to measure professional presence, listening skills and presentation confidence.

Each customer-facing team member is evaluated on video and given a baseline CharismaQ score. They also self-score before being paired with their own certified CharismaQ coach. We give protein-rich feedback and drive a culture of accountability.

You can start warming up for those high-fives!

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