Add Charisma to Your Outbound Sales Strategy

Add Charisma to Your Outbound Sales Strategy

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Being prepared for and mastering outbound prospecting is the key to immediately setting your organization apart from the competition. But, there is an art to executing a killer outbound sales call. At CharismaQ, we like to say that this ability, this “it” factor, this characteristic that makes an excellent salesperson, is charisma.

Charisma is the quality of being able to attract, engage, motivate, and influence those around you. Salespeople who confidently function with charisma help improve business outcomes.

Your Outbound Prospecting Will Fail Without Charisma

Outbound sales techniques that don’t include charisma will miss the mark every time! Salespeople with charisma embody key power skills. They have mastered authenticity, message alignment, empathy, first impressions, confidence and delivery.

When it’s time to prepare for a sales meeting with a current client, you want a salesperson who understands the mission and delivers the “ask” with empathy. When you’re trying to increase sales, you’ll need team members who communicate well and can confidently carry out the sales strategy. Ultimately your sales team needs to create relationships which lead to revenue…that requires charisma.

How to “Charismatize” Your Outbound Sales Strategy

In the impersonal world of cell phones and emails, there are a number of ways sales teams can ensure they are prepared to consistently make a good impression during sales conversations. Whether you are cold calling or speaking with a current client, here are some tips to add charisma to your outbound sales calls:

  1. Meet face-to-face by video or in-person: In phone or text interactions you lose 55% of communication by being unable to see your lead’s body language, facial expressions, and emotional reactions to what you’re telling them, and with communication playing such a crucial process in deal-making, your sales team is losing out on important details that could help your company win the business.
  2. Make the idea of meeting irresistible: By telling the customer that you have visuals you would like to present or a demo that would be best shown in person will make the face-to-face meeting a must-have.
  3. Be willing to meet the prospect on their terms: Being flexible in both timing and place will give ample opportunity for the meeting to happen. Use calendar tools that can help to see what time would work best for you and the customer so you’re not going back and forth on best times.
  4. Concentrate on the customer and not the sale: It can be tempting to work on getting the customer to buy on that first contact, but save that for a later date. First, work on figuring out a time on a calendar when you can meet, and prepare to show up authentically. The sale will follow.
  5. Communicate with confidence: It can be intimidating for prospects to hop on a sales call if they’re unfamiliar with the process or technology. It’s up to your sales team to boost their confidence which in turn helps them communicate more effectively. educate the customer and eliminate the friction to make the meeting happen.

Give these outbound sales tips a try and see how charisma can benefit your sales operation.

Learn to communicate effectively in our new world of selling.

It’s time to improve your outbound sales technique. Download our guide to effective communication strategies and learn how charisma makes the difference in sales.

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