Best Camera To Look Better On Zoom

Best Camera To Look Better On Zoom


Our way of doing business has changed forever! The new generation of sellers must choose the best camera to look better on Zoom …or whatever video meeting platform you use.

McKinsey & Company study shows B2B buyers and sellers prefer virtual/digital meetings now. The COVID pandemic has pushed us into the next normal. Productivity is on the rise and travel expenses are being slashed. Who wouldn’t want to embrace this change?

Although after endless days on video calls, teams who show up looking better on Zoom with charisma and confidence will outshine the competition.

Dress for success to look better on Zoom doesn’t just mean the clothes you wear, but also the equipment you use to provide your buyer and your colleagues an elevated virtual experience.

From the minute they hit “join the meeting”, they should see your smiling face from a camera that is placed at eye level. You want to be as clear as they would see you in person.

No wonder FIRST IMPRESSION is one of the six components of charisma. To attract, engage, and influence others, you need to immediately show others you are worthy of their time. Buying a high-definition camera to look better on Zoom is an easy quick fix.

Here at CharismaQ, we bought four different HD webcams before settling on the one you see in the video above. For less than a hundred dollars, you can build a terrific virtual studio.

Click here for your free guide to the equipment we use. By the way, we are not paid to endorse any of these products. We simply what to make the world look good!


Clients partner with CharismaQ to make sure their customer-facing teams show up with charisma! Your charisma counts whether you are on a video call, meeting in person, talking on the phone, and even the way you write an email to engage your audience.

Learn the CharismaQ6 components and what workshops or coaching sessions might be right for your team, schedule a discovery meeting here.

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