Creating Meaningful Engagement Through Video

Creating Meaningful Engagement Through Video

Video Outreach

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Video Outreach

The ease of creating video messages offers a new way to stand out and create meaningful connections with prospects and up your sales game. Sending recorded messages allows potential customers to engage with you and your brand on their time and gives you exciting new tools to make your presentations even more lively and engaging.

But as easy and fun as videos are as a way to provide leads, you want to do it the right way so that your content stands out and connects with its viewer correctly.

Below are some tips on how and when to use videos to make your sales team even more effective!

Why Make Them Read When They Can Watch?

Providing high-quality video is becoming one of a sales rep’s most useful tools in engaging with their customers. The old form of follow-up through email or phone calls is a thing of the past. Video messages are much more convenient for prospects and can offer insights that are unique to well-crafted video.

Gain More Attention

People like videos. The open rates and convenience for a customer to be able to watch a sales pitch on their own terms are much higher than any form of communication. 

Cuts Down On Follow-up Time

By having your sales team create replicable video messages, following up with prospective customers is as easy as copying and pasting a link. Put time upfront to create video series that convey the message your sales team would spend hours doing with follow-up calls and emails so they can get back to doing what they do best: selling.

Better Metrics

One of the best parts of using video is the way you can track your customer’s activity surrounding it. Open rates, watch time, and click-through are all trackable actions if you’re using the right sales software to deliver your videos, which leads us to the next point… 

Use Sales Specific Software

There is plenty of video recording and editing software available, but using a platform specific to sales can be a game-changer. Make sure that your video software has the ability to send videos to customers depending on where they are in the pipeline, allows for tracking, and is easily editable so you can use these features to turn around videos quickly and keep warm leads burning hotter.

Make It A Team Activity

It can be an intimidating job for one salesperson to own and distribute all sales videos, but making it a team job can greatly alleviate that pressure and make video messaging a part of your team’s culture. By cultivating everyone’s ability to create and deliver messages, you’re giving your team a superpower to connect with customers at a new level. 

Do you want more tips on how to up your communication game on every channel? Download our guide, Effective Communication in our New World of Sellings

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