Email Outreach: Creating Charismatic Copy that Sells

Email Outreach: Creating Charismatic Copy that Sells

Emails that get open

Integrating a solid email strategy into your sales process can do wonders for your outcomes. It’s an easy and efficient way to keep in touch with prospects, answer questions, and continue to develop meaningful relationships with customers. 

But having a good email strategy is more than knowing when to say hello or send a follow-up. It’s understanding the message you’re trying to convey, the value proposition you want your customer to understand, and understanding who your recipients are.

Let’s take a look at some important pieces to keep in mind when developing your team’s email strategy.

Make a Great Subject Line

Subject lines are the first thing people will see when deciding to open an email or not. According to Optinmonster, 47% of email recipients open an email based solely on the subject line, meaning that nearly 50% of people won’t even bother if that first line isn’t great.

Follow the “Must H.A.V.E.” formula to create great subject lines and increase open rates

  • Hook: New industry news? New product or service? New company research? You want your subject line to be effective in summarizing what the email is about. Be specific. Create intrigue by using an effective hook. 
  • Audience Benefit: This IS the most important piece of the formula. What’s in it for them? Will it save them time, will it save them money, will it teach them anything? 
  • Visual: Photos, ROI calculators, videos, and thumbnails of content are all great examples of videos. Use a visual to make your content stand out. 
  • Engaging: Subject lines that use custom tags to call out their recipient by name will grab and hold their attention. Use “You” language or “This” in the subject line.

Here are some CharismaQ subject lines with the highest open rates. 

“Successful sales coaches do these three things well.”

“What would 10% more quota attainment mean for your team.” 

“Three quick tips to improve confidence and boost charisma.”

These are great examples of how following a formulaic approach can increase open rates and your brand presence.

Sequence Your Emails

Knowing when to send emails is essential to any good email outreach strategy. Proper automated sequencing can lead to fantastic results. According to HubSpot, the ROI on email sequences generate approximately 320% more revenue than non-automated emails. You just need to know the right sequence that works for your customers.

  • Engagement email sequence: Uses automated emails to build a rapport with customers and keep them interested in your organization
  • Conversation email sequence: Intended to ask something of your prospect. The entire automation is meant to drive a single call to action
  • Follow-up email sequence: This sequence returns to previously discussed topics to touch base with prospects and reduces the amount of individual emails sales reps need to send
  • Reminder email sequence: If you have an appointment or demo booked with a lead, these emails can help your customers remember to show up and attend. Always important when looking to close a deal.

There are many types of email sequences that can be used to the advantage of your organization. Choose the right approach depending on what you’re trying to achieve and you’ll see results.

Supplement Email with LinkedIn Messaging

Sometimes you need to go where the prospect spends their most time. With thousands of professionals using LinkedIn daily, creating messages and automated messages are a fantastic way to connect with new leads.

LinkedIn’s messaging system is often more direct, and it stands out compared to the cluttered email boxes of the prospects you’re trying to reach. Using this platform provides another opportunity to touch base with your customers and spread the good word about your business.

Want more communication tips to connect with your customers and prospects on a variety of levels, download our guide here.

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