How To Embrace Change And Find The New Charismatic YOU!

How To Embrace Change And Find The New Charismatic YOU!


Improve Your Sales Presence

September still has that new beginning feeling though, doesn’t it?   Remember getting your new clothes and school supplies or if you were changing schools you had the chance to completely reinvent yourself.  Truthfully, you have that chance at any time in your life and sometimes even when you don’t want to, life has a way of making that change for you.

Be Great on Zoom Video Conferences

Hello Covid!

It’s hard to believe it has been six months since we all threw ourselves into this new way of working.  You may be struggling on how to connect with people at work and build those relationships that were so easy to do in the lunchroom.  How are you going to get leadership to see you or how, if you’re a leader, how are you going to communicate where the company is headed?

Virtual Sales Coaching and Professional Development

Some of you may be in sales and you’re saying this is awful! Potential customers won’t even allow me into their building so how am I going to make my sales goals? I get it. My speaking business just went…Poof….Thankfully my presentation skills coaching could be done online and I’m creative.

An even bigger blessing is my business partner, Terri Herrmann.   We created CharismaQ six months ago on April 1st during a pandemic.  You know I love a good story.

How to Run a Virtual Meeting with Multiple Stakeholders

Already some big clients are trusting us to make their sales team shine in this new virtual platform helping them secure more first meetings and perform at their best.  We’ve coached teams in five countries. All of them need to perform together like a well-oiled machine and they all have similar questions.

  • Where do I look when I’m presenting and need to see my slides but I also want to see if people are engaged in the video call?
  • What should I do when someone unexpected has been invited to the call and I don’t know who they are?
  • What is the best way to introduce ourselves if there are more than eight people on the call? We don’t want the meeting to drag on.

CharismaQ has some great production techniques and direct scripts your team can use. Isn’t September wonderful? Going back to school can be fun.

We even have a virtual meeting checklist for you!  Book a discovery call and be sure to ask for our checklist to be sent to you pronto!

Charisma counts and CharismaQ helps you keep score.

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