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Find Your Authentic Voice

How to find your true voice might be discovering what makes you UNcomfortable. Watch this short video to see when Katrina made a major mistake and her boss had to have a serious talk with her.

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How To Find Your Authentic Voice

Hey, it’s Katrina and welcome to my backyard for this 4th of July weekend.  I would love to have the true you come over and visit. Yes, authenticity is an important component and it’s one of our Q6 components we evaluate at CharismaQ because we want you to have your authentic voice at work.

How to Find Your Authentic Self

Now you might be wondering what is my authentic voice?

I got a story for you because when I was 29-years-old I took over a huge job and became the reporter for Contact 6 – the on-your-side reporter problem-solver.   Well, the man who had had the job before, Tom Hooper, he was the Ron Burgundy of southeastern Wisconsin.  I knew that Tom was tough. He didn’t take guff off of anybody and I was getting a lot of guff.

Ways to Create Your Personal Brand

I was being called “little lady” and things that were really annoying me so one day I decided to be a little bit more “Tom Hooper” because I was tired of being just pushed around and I said a few choice words to a plumber I was doing a story on.   Well, that plumber did not like those choice words and went directly to my general manager and threatened to have the plumbers union strike the station.   You can only imagine how I felt!  It was awful.  I knew it wasn’t authentic to my character to treat everybody with respect and that day I decided I am never going to be Tom Hooper.  I have got to be me.   I have to find my core values.

Pick Your Core Values

So that’s what I hope for you on this holiday weekend is that you take some time to think about what are my core values and what is the freedom of my true voice and then be comfortable with being you! Charisma counts and CharismaQ keeps score.

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