How To Get People to Turn On Their Video Cameras For Online Meetings

How To Get People to Turn On Their Video Cameras For Online Meetings

While Coca-Cola wanted to teach the world to sing, CharismaQ wants the world to turn on their video cameras for online meetings! 

If you’ve ever had to present to a client or address your team virtually, you know how awkward it feels with all you see are black boxes on the calls. You feel alone and disengaged from your audience.

Then the naysayers in your head start playing with your mind. We call them Zeke and Zelda. These nags mess with you in mid-sentence. You see all those people with no video or audio on and your Zeke or Zelda start telling you stories like, “they are probably folding their laundry, or eating chips, or clipping their nails.” Then it gets worse. You turn on yourself and your confidence starts to fail, “Oh, why have they totally tuned out? Am I boring?” 

Turning Your Video Cameras On For Online Meetings Should Be Standard Operating Procedures

There is a good chance you have bored them a bit. With back-to-back virtual meetings, you have to up your game to stand out from the competition. 

You need charisma! And not just when you are presenting online. You need to write charismatic copy to engage your audience and set the expectations before the call. 

Have you ever thought about your pre-meeting email? Look at the last one you sent and ask yourself, “Would I be excited about this meeting? Did I make a great argument for making sure we are all on camera?” 

If the answer is no, CharismaQ has some suggestions.

Increase Revenue with Charisma Coaching for Customer-Facing Teams

In our “How to Engage Multiple Stakeholders Virtually and Beyond” workshop, our clients learn how to be great show hosts. Your customer-facing teams all have to show up on brand and ready to run a seamless demo. People want to be educated but they also want to be entertained.

Prior to this rockstar meeting, show them why they should turn on their video camera for this virtual presentation. 

You can make it fun by using a cute Zoom meme pasted into the email.

You can make it scientific by alerting them to the 7-38-55 rule. Who would want to miss out on a 55 percent better meeting?

You can make it caring by telling them you can’t wait to see them. 

Whatever way you choose, your team sets the expectations for the meeting. Even when you are not presenting, keep your camera on and stay engaged. You wouldn’t let anyone turn their back in the boardroom so expect the same in your virtual meetings. 

Companies who win understand it takes charisma to attract, engage, and influence their buyers on all channels. Turn on your camera, turn on your charisma, and turn on a better experience for everyone. 

Book a free discovery call with CharismaQ to find out more about how we evaluate your teams’ charisma score.

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