Training for CSMs Helps Close the Communication Skills Gap

Training for CSMs Helps Close the Communication Skills Gap

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Customer success managers have to be strong communicators, but so many of us have struggled with the new demands of communication in the post-pandemic environment. The ability to connect with others has become a top competency for employees in all roles. Knowing how to connect & communicate well is the best way for CSMs to address customer concerns and create a path to renewal and expansion of the relationship.

Training for CSMs: Charisma Coaching

Customer success managers and executives can close the skills gap related to effective communication and create learning and personal growth opportunities for themselves and their team members with coaching. When CSMs receive communication training, they are able to make meaningful connections with your buyers. Your customers, in turn, learn to trust in the relationships built with the client success team.

At CharismaQ, the foundation of our training for CSMs is charisma coaching. What is charisma? Charisma is the ability to attract, engage, motivate, and influence those around you. Communication skills are improved drastically through charisma coaching and soft skills development.

Our coaching uses programmatic learning strategies that encourage better retention of knowledge and skills, provide the best business outcomes and earn the highest return on investment. Did you know that research shows 60% of learning is lost within the first few days, and 90% within the week?

However, our technology-enabled coaching is more effective than single-event training for CSMs for a number of reasons:

  • An ongoing cycle of measuring, teaching, and practicing reinforces concepts and allows for accountability in the learning process
  • Blended learning – a mix of group, individual, and microlearning resonates deeper across teams because people digest and absorb information in different ways
  • Ongoing access to coaches means team members always have a “coach in their pocket” to help them prepare for high-stakes meetings or events

You can make each member of your customer success team 10% more effective with charisma coaching for improved communication skills.

Improving communication skills makes customer success teams more effective.
Download our guide to understand how CSM teams can drive effective change with tech-enabled coaching.
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