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“Your customers want to engage with people who can build relationships and trust. Mastering the art and science of charisma will empower your people to make the meaningful connections your buyers expect.”

Terri Hermann • Co-Founder

The CharismaQ Process

Step 1: The AHA Moment!
You realize you need to do something different to motivate and improve your team's performance.
Step 2: Let's Talk!
Let's see if we are the right fit. Book a discovery call to determine which one of our solutions sounds like it will deliver the greatest outcome for your revenue generators.
Step 3: Engage and Evaluate
Leverage our unique video-based technology to send your group through our evaluation process. Find out their CharismaQ scores...and how we make them "on brand" and even more likable
Step 4: Coach
Members of your team get actionable advice from an expert communication coach. Our certified CharismaQ coaches are experienced speakers and master storytellers.
Step 5: Create and CONQUER
CharismaQ members create a conquer plan outlining their goals. They can immediately apply what they've learned and our coaches keep them accountable.
Step 6: You Make It Rain
Please step up and receive your reward! You've given your team new skills and added confidence. They are bonding with your buyer and your bottom line proves it.
To be continued…

Here's How We Can
Work Together

Coaching Sessions
Coaching Subscription

An introduction to the importance of charisma. Learn proven techniques and get actionable advice to show up and make a great virtual first impression. Designed for groups of all sizes.

CharismaQ workshops are the answer. In just five hours over three weeks, your teams get the foundational learning to begin to close the gaps.

Designed for teams of 10 or more.

CharismaQ coaching sessions offer a consistent effective way to learn your company’s message and elevator pitch and deliver it in a confident, compelling way. Companies use CharismaQ coaching sessions for:

  • New employee onboarding
  • Existing employees who are in a new customer-facing role
  • New message or brand rollout

Consider a coaching subscription if you want to:

  • Promote a culture of learning 
  • Retain a group of high potential employees who want to develop and grow 
  • Connect coaching and development with measurable sales outcomes
  • Optimize your customer experience and your brand message with every interaction

What To Expect

Still curious about how CharismaQ will help you exceed your goals?

Whether you are a sales leader or a team member, keep reading for some stats you’re going to love.

For Your Sales Teams

Deliver peak sales performance

CharismaQ accelerates sales by making your team confident communicators on every channel.

We partner with sales leadership to understand the greatest communication challenges in the sales process and work to close those gaps. We design and deliver a coaching program that fits into your sales process and your target market. 

CharismaQ members achieve:

Our Coaches = Our Differentiator

Charisma is the ability to attract, engage, motivate, and influence those around you. Our coaches are communication masters, expert storytellers, and channel influencers. CharismaQ coaches have built successful careers and loyal followers and now they are ready to teach your team.

sales team 1

For Team Members

Create Meaningful Connections
Realize Amazing Results

Learn how to master the art and science of charisma to achieve your full potential.

What is CharismaQ Coaching? 

In our new world of selling, you have to be great on every channel. Your ability to attract and engage customers and prospects depends on your ability to move a message and communicate with confidence. 

We aren’t creating an army of robots. We adjust our coaching based on your specific needs. Learn from the best communication coaches and bring an unexpected burst of energy and excitement to your customers and prospects. 


Our Coaches Are Channel Influencers, Celebrated Expert Storytellers, and Leaders in Their Industries


Morning Show Host, Audacy
Award winning morning radio show host/on air personality on 99.1 The Mix
Wisconsin Broadcasters Association (WBA) Awards: Best Morning Show 
On camera work for commercial segments and weekend events
Host of 50 Shades of Kay - women's lifestyle podcast.
Professional mentor for radio talent across the country
Experienced emcee and public speaker


Director of Advising - Great Water Financial

Currently coaches 15 advisors who have produced $240+ Million in new business in 2018 & $200+ Million in 2019
Individual Production of $34 million in new business in 2018
Loft Advisory Producer of the Year for 2016
International Top 10 Advisors of 2015 - Ranked #8


Co-Founder CharismaQ
Emmy award-winning TV journalist. As an investigative reporter, anchor, and talk show host, Katrina has worked for FOX, NBC, and ABC affiliates.

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