How to Improve Your Conversation Skills at Work

How to Improve Your Conversation Skills at Work

Effective communication skills don’t only help with improving your personal relationships. Being a good communicator can do wonders for you professionally as well. Knowing how to listen attentively and communicate clearly will help you express yourself and your personality. Specifically, conversation skills are essential in the workplace, allowing you to engage with clients and other employees.

Here are five tips to help you improve conversation skills and become an effective communicator with those around you:

1. Listen, Don’t Talk

Communication is a two-way street, which means listening is as important as talking. People want to be heard in a conversation; this is why you need to show genuine interest in what someone is saying to you. Avoid breaking eye contact or cutting someone off while they speak to you. At that moment, your entire focus should be on them and what they’re saying to you. Don’t answer calls or text someone else at the same time. Giving undivided attention to someone, helps build a stronger connection. In other words, be fully present during the conversation.

2. Smile and Maintain a Positive Attitude

Whether you’re on video, a phone, or face-to-face, make sure you maintain a positive tone and always smile. Although the person might not be able to see you, this positivity can radiate through, and they will be able to recognize your attitude and emotions. Talking to someone in a cheerful, happy tone during conversation can also encourage positive feedback or responses.

3. Body Language Matters

Your body language is extremely important in developing your conversation skills.fFor video communication, ensure you use the best quality video tools so that your body language is visible across the screen. Avoid crossing your arms, biting your nails, or frowning. Maintain eye contact throughout as this helps the person know that you’re paying attention to them and the conversation.

4. Be Self Aware and Ask for Feedback

Another great way to improve your conversation skills is by observing those around you. Tell your peers or manager you are working on improving your communication and ask them to observe you. Asking for feedback also shows a willingness to learn, which will always work in your favor.

5. Consider Charisma Coaching

Learning communication techniques and strategies can help any organization improve both their employee and customer experience. One surefire way to boost workplace communication skills is through charisma coaching.

Charisma is the quality of being able to attract, engage, motivate, and influence those around you. At CharismaQ, we believe charisma has 6 components—impressions, message alignment, delivery, authenticity, empathy, and confidence—and mastering these components creates authentic employees that perform and communicate at the highest level.

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