How Top Sales Leaders Approach the New Future of Coaching and Development

How Top Sales Leaders Approach the New Future of Coaching and Development

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As a leader, you know true sales coaching is different from providing occasional feedback or having a new sales rep shadow one of your top performers. In our new era of selling and customer engagement, your team needs a new approach to sales coaching strategies. They need to learn how to make meaningful relationships with your buyers. A recent study says companies with dynamic sales coaching programs achieve 28% higher win rates.


Your job is to motivate and get the most out of your people. The best sales leaders know they are responsible for creating a winning culture. To get your sales team to the next level, here are the three mindsets to follow.

Rethink your approach to learning and development.

Traditional training methods like workshops and boot camps lack accountability and retention of the information. The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve concept found memory drops off dismayingly fast: 60% of learning is lost within the first few days, and 90% within the week. Think of ways you can take a dynamic or hybrid approach to coaching so your team is continually practicing their people skills. True behavior change takes time and that’s why a technology-enabled coaching platform is effective and success can be measured.

Use your training budget and invest in your people.

It’s definitely a candidate-driven marketplace and with voluntary quit rates reaching record levels, there’s never been a better time to offer personal development and coaching. If you personally don’t have the time, invest in experts that do. As one of our partners told us, “I want you to coach before their poached.”

Concentrate on reskill value and give your people new, marketable skills.

It’s not about product knowledge or technical skills, it’s about interpersonal and communication skills. According to McKinsey, most of the skills employers are focusing on reskilling are social, emotional, and advanced cognitive skills. Forward-thinking companies are investing in this area. 

If you want to read more about our new future of learning and development. Download our whitepaper here.

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