19 Augs, 2018 - by John Snow | Technology

Improve Your Virtual Presence

Charisma can be taught—by the right people. Want to be a confident, authentic, empathetic seller? See what CharismaQ is offering.

Improve Your Virtual Selling Presence with CharismaQ

We’re living in strange times right now.  We’re all trying to uncover a new way of working. For sales teams who have relied on face-to-face communication, your world is flipped upside down right now.

Watch to See How to Create Effective Ways to Make Your Pitch

Stay with me because I want to talk to you about how to create a fast effective way to make your pitch, build your confidence, and have compelling stories during this new virtual world of sales.

My name is Katrina Cravy and for more than 20 years I was a broadcast journalist. I made a living off of being able to capture the viewer’s attention and tell compelling stories. Now I’m taking what I’ve learned along with a business partner to create a virtual process… to develop and create charismatic sellers.

I’d love to talk to you about it.  Schedule a discovery call with us right here.

Charisma counts and CharismaQ helps you keep score.

And don’t forget to grab our FREE guide – “3 Easy Ways to LOOK Better on Video Calls“.

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