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According to a study by the Center for Talent Innovation, executive presence accounts for 26% of what it takes to advance within an organization. The research also highlights the significance of first impressions, as people tend to make personality assessments in under five minutes. 

“There is no universal definition of executive presence. Understanding, mastering, and owning your own unique presence is a foundational component of leadership at any level. We’re excited to partner with CPED because it gives us the opportunity to bring the power of confidence and charisma to even more professionals.” – Terri Herrmann, Co-Founder of CharismaQ

How It Works

The Executive Presence — CharismaQ Experience brings together an AI-fueled “for your eyes only” evaluation from a certified CharismaQ coach. Learners will be asked ten questions to measure executive presence and an individualized report will be reviewed during a one-hour, online, 1:1 coaching session. The platform also gives learners access for 30 days to 20 microlearning modules ranging from personal branding to vocal delivery.

“Confidence is critical, not only when it comes to your executive presence and personal brand but also with your communication. This experience will give our learners actionable insights they can immediately apply to their day-to-day interactions with others.” – Jon Kaupla, President & Executive Director, CPED


Exclusive Partnership Discount

Through this exclusive partnership between CharismaQ and CPED, register for Executive Presence – CharismaQ through CPED’s website and receive a 20% discount.

About CPED

The Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development (CPED) helps individuals and organizations move forward. More than 70 Professional Development Programs are delivered annually on-site and online by instructors with practical, real-world experience. The Center for Professional & Executive Development also provides custom development solutions and consulting services to organizations of all sizes in a variety of industries. For more information on the Center for Professional & Executive Development, please visit

About CharismaQ

CharismaQ is the top employee coaching platform designed to improve workplace communication.

With the perfect blend of technology, science, and expert coaching, members master the art and science of charisma. 

The immersive learning experience empowers professionals to achieve new levels of performance. For more information on CharismaQ, please visit

For more information contact

Kat Shanahan, Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development

Terri Herrmann, Co-Founder, CharismaQ

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