Video-based coaching with certified communication

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Take Your Team's Performance to the Next Level

A clear and proven path to build better relationships with your customers.

CharismaQ brings the perfect blend of technology and expert communication coaches to motivate and empower your team.

Use the CharismaQ platform for:

Using CharismaQ as part of your onboarding program will get your new employees in front of customers faster. Ensure your team nails their elevator pitch and communicates your brand message in a confident, charismatic way.

We’ve entered a new generation of selling. Handshakes and hugs aren’t going to cut it anymore. Instead, mastering virtual and video will increase your productivity, get you more first meetings and closer to your goals. If your team is struggling to thrive and feels a little sweaty about virtual selling, we’ve got you covered.

When someone is naturally charismatic, they have “it,” but they don’t know how to teach “it.” Well, the great news is, we do! Invest in your team’s growth and empower them to engage, motivate and influence your customers and your teams. 

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