How To Master Video Sales Calls In Only 3 Weeks


Your clients deserve a consistent virtual experience.  Give your sales team the tools to MASTER their video calls and make real connections through the camera. In this 80-second video, see how CharismaQ is coaching big clients and getting results for them…fast!

Take 80-Seconds And SEE How To Improve Your Video Sales Calls

Time Is Money

Yes, a world-wide pandemic sent your sales force home.  Yes, they are having a hard time with their virtual sales calls now and you are shaking your head at how many ceiling fans you see and how nervous they seem on camera.  And you wish they would just show up professionally but you don’t know how to coach them. 

Building Real Relationships on Virtual Sales Calls and Increasing Your Revenue

You don’t know how to have all of them broadcasting your brand consistently….but WE DO.

We are broadcasters.  Former television personalities are the coaches at CharismaQ and we can teach your team some TV techniques where they will just climb through the camera and into the hearts of your customers,  building real relationships and increasing your revenue.  

Virtual Sales Coaching – Three Week Workshop

Now before you think, “Oh, my team, they won’t be able to do this, or I can’t imagine what it would cost to broadcast quality level” – Schedule a discovery call with us.  That cost nothing. 

We know time…it is money and we have a turnkey workshop that will get your people camera ready and mastering their video calls within three (3) weeks.  YES – 3 WEEKS.  

Charisma counts and CharismaQ helps you keep score.

Don’t forget to grab our free guide – “3 Easy Ways to LOOK Better on Video Calls

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