How To Improve Your Virtual Sales Calls!

How To Improve Your Virtual Sales Calls!

Make sure your team is showing up professionally on video calls and be a step ahead of your competition. See what objectives your sales team can learn in our “Improve Your Virtual Selling Presence” Workshop.  Sales reps are saying that our information is a game-changer for selling on video calls and beyond!

Hello CharismaQ member!

Are You Ready to Improve Your Virtual Presence?

This entire workshop (SET, SELF, & SCRIPT)  is designed to help you master being on camera and presenting your best self.   You only need to invest in creating a small space for making you look great! 

How to Dress Your Set – Learning Objectives 

  1. How to choose the right spot for your mini studio
  2. How to create an interesting backdrop 
  3. How to improve your video and audio quality
  4. How to build a great virtual “show” or meeting

Let’s choose the right spot.  When someone important to your success is coming over, what do you do?  A BONUS TIP- During this time of pleasantries you can go, “Oh yeah – I forgot to turn off my phone”, it’s a good reminder for your prospect to do the same.  It’s also a much softer way than saying, “Can you please turn off your phone before we start this call?”.

How to be Better on Virtual Calls

GREAT! You’re here for the Charisma Q Workshop on SELF. Your thinking about putting yourself out there in the virtual world probably has you a little sweaty.  Your boss may want you to do a video email campaign or ask potential clients to do video calls. Has the phrase “I hate myself on camera” ever entered into your head?  It’s not easy! 

Can Charisma be Taught? 

Charisma can be taught. It’s true! You have to believe it. Sure, it may come more naturally to others but it is teachable. My job is to help you lay down your excuses and your fears and get you excited to create real relationships on camera. 

How to Present Your Best Self – Learning Objectives 

  1. Work on establishing your own personal brand
  2. The right clothes to wear on camera
  3. How to use your voice and your words to command attention
  4. How to make sure your facial expressions and in your body language are sending the right message
  5. How to build confidence… to send Zeke and Zelda back to their dungeons

Building your Personal Brand

If you’re thinking, “Katrina, I’m a person, I’m not a brand”, then tell that to the Kardashians.  People buy from people.  

Use Your Words to Command Attention

What is your tone? Do you sound happy? Or do you sound kind of upset? People can always hear a smile! Look and listen for the spots where you can be more energetic or where you can have a dramatic pause.  

Stop Using Filler Words

A big show-stopper that stops people from taking you seriously is how many killer filler words you use….the LIKES, UMS, AHH, SO, and YOU KNOW. The average person says five filler words a minute.  Great speakers only use one filler word a minute.  

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