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Designed for groups of all sizes. ​

You’ll love introducing the importance of charisma to your team and think about your clients too! 

If you are a go-giver and want to add value to your partnerships, booking a CharismaQ webinar is a smart approach.



Is your entire customer-facing organization experiencing a specific challenge that’s dragging you down? Is it getting more first meetings or increasing presentation skills?

Is it conducting more effective sales meetings?

Is it improving your personal brand on social media?

Is it closing more deals? Or just improved communication skills?

CharismaQ workshops are the answer. In just five hours over three weeks, your teams will learn the soft skills needed to begin to close the gaps.

This leadership and management training has been designed for teams of 10 or more.

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Coaching Sessions

Is your company in high-growth mode?

How will you include virtual communication as part of your growth plan?

Have you experienced a merger or acquisition and need to develop new leaders?

Has your brand message changed? 

CharismaQ coaching sessions offer a consistent effective way to learn your company’s message and elevator pitch and deliver it in a confident, compelling way. Companies use CharismaQ coaching sessions for:

    • New employee onboarding & training
    • Existing employees who are in a new customer-facing role to boost developmental sales
    • Brand rollout through improved sales communication skills

Coaching Subscriptions

This is where the magic happens. Charisma takes practice to master and our CharismaQ master coaches know how to bring out the best in your team. With real-time personalized sessions, they’ll be ready for the moments that matter.  

Consider a coaching subscription if you want to:

    •  Promote a culture of learning 
    • Retain a group of high potential employees who want to develop and grow 
    • Connect coaching and development with measurable sales outcomes
    • Optimize your customer experience and brand message with every interaction
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