Communications & Charisma Coaching for the Next Generation of Leaders Starting Their Career

Next-Gen Employee Retention

You’ve spent a lot of time recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding the next generation of high performers. Now how do you effectively engage and retain these rockstars? Give them executive-grade charisma and communication coaching.

Access to early-career communication coaching helps create a sense of belonging and positions these employees for growth. CharismaQ’s charisma coaching platform is the perfect solution to reach these team members who expect and enjoy on-demand access to learning tools, especially in hybrid or remote working environments.

CharismaQ is so easy and enjoyable to work with. They are upbeat, positive and highly engaged in the success of our relationship. They are continually looking for ways to help us reach our goals through enhanced communication tools and techniques.

Meredith S. / VP of Retail Banking

Prioritize Your Next Generation of Leaders with CharismaQ

Improve Outcomes

Goal oriented coaching designed to drive true behavior over time.

Avoid Training Boredom

A program comprised of on-demand microlearning, group workshops, and live coaching sessions with a certified charisma coach.

Tailored Individual Sessions

Our program is one-size fits one. Sessions are based on individual challenges and personalized development plan.

Learn on Your Own Schedule

Select your coaching sessions and access learning based on how and when you learn best.

Let's Get Started

Our video-based coaching technology serves up outstanding microlearning content and matches participants with master coaches who are on a mission to create confident communicators. Charisma is the magic sauce to develop your people. Your employees want to grow. Your customers want to be served.

Give your next-gen leaders the tool they need to attract, engage, motivate, and influence those around them.

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