Communications & Charisma Coaching to Empower Female Leaders

Women in Leadership Empowerment

Workplaces have to be intentional about removing barriers for women’s career advancement. Companies need to build awareness of unconscious biases and ensure women have opportunities for leadership coaching and mentorship.

According to McKinsey’s 2022 Women in the Workplace Survey, women leaders are just as ambitious as men, but at many companies, they face headwinds that signal it will be harder to advance. They’re more likely to experience belittling microaggressions, such as having their judgment questioned or being mistaken for someone more junior. They’re doing more to support employee well-being and foster inclusion, but this critical work is spreading them thin and going mostly unrewarded.

CharismaQ’s charisma coaching for women in leadership prepares high-potential female employees for advancement, drives more diverse succession planning, and provides a better-balanced management team through expert communication training.

Our 1:1 coaching sessions create a safe space for women to share their fears, talk about imposter syndrome and other challenges that undermine their confidence.

Our group workshops foster collaboration where women can support each other in achieving greater visibility and influence within their organizations.

As the director of Talent Development, it is my job to help the professionals in our organization accelerate their development within our family of companies. We partnered with CharismaQ because their program is unlike others in the market. The CharismaQ coaching program is tailored to the individual yet encourages cross-company collaboration through group workshops and exercises. I see CharismaQ as an essential spoke in the wheel of our Women’s Leadership Program.

Head of Talent and Development / Global Manufacturing Company

Prioritize Growth for Women in Leadership with CharismaQ

Improve Outcomes

Goal oriented coaching designed to drive true behavior over time.

Avoid Training Boredom

A program comprised of on-demand microlearning, group workshops, and live coaching sessions with a certified charisma coach.

Tailored Individual Sessions

Our program is one-size fits one. Sessions are based on individual challenges and personalized development plan.

Learn on Your Own Schedule

Select your coaching sessions and access learning based on how and when you learn best.

Let's Get Started

Our video-based coaching technology serves up outstanding microlearning content and matches participants with master coaches who are on a mission to create confident communicators. Charisma is the magic sauce to develop your people. Your employees want to grow. Your customers want to be served.

Give your female leaders the tool they need to attract, engage, motivate, and influence those around them.

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