Teaching Sales Teams the Power of Charisma

Teaching Sales Teams the Power of Charisma

Who Starts a Business During a Pandemic? We DO!!

CharismaQ was born on April Fool’s Day when most businesses had been shut down. Our co-founders Katrina Cravy and Terri Herrmann took a bold leap to launch a new communications coaching platform and haven’t looked back. We like to say that when Katrina’s broadcast brain met Terri’s business brain, a beautiful baby named CharismaQ was born.

Teaching the Power of Charisma

Our Momentum Is No Joke.  A lot can happen in a year. We have brought the power of charisma to more than 500 members from 12 different clients in six different countries and we continue to grow. We did all of this without ever meeting our clients face-to-face.

We feel blessed and thankful that incredible brands with incredible teams put their trust in us. What makes our story even better is our clients are seeing real results. Our customers are experiencing:

  • More first meetings
  • More new business opportunities
  • Higher win ratio

Embrace the New World of Selling

Who sees the COVID catapult as an opportunity to drive greater personal productivity, achieve balance and improve your customer’s experience with your brand? We do!!

96% percent of sales teams have shifted toward remote selling.

The research is in. Whether you read McKinsey or Gartner, three things are consistent.

You can travel around the world without leaving your desk. While it’s more challenging than face-to-face, customer-facing teams are increasing productivity by working virtually. One CharismaQ client told us, “I can have a strategic client meeting in three hours and it used to take us three days.”

Even if you are ready to visit face-to-face, your customers aren’t. McKinsey is calling our new world of selling the next normal and client receptivity is proof. McKinsey reports that 65% of b2b buyers believe that remote selling is equal to, or more, effective than pre-pandemic times. While the pendulum may shift back a bit. Buyers don’t want to go back to the way it was.

Customer-facing teams have to sharpen a new set of skills to win. COVID has catapulted us into a direction we were already headed. Buyers are overwhelmed, have more access to more information than ever before,   and do 70% of research on their own before ever engaging a supplier. Buyers are looking for someone they can trust, someone with empathy, and someone with confidence in themselves and their company.

This means that your customer-facing teams have to stand up, stand out, and show up with CHARISMA on EVERY CHANNEL. You have the opportunity to differentiate yourself by mastering the art and science of charisma.

Charisma Takes Practice to Master

Who is building a platform to help your teams become great on every channel? We are!!


Charisma can be taught, and it takes practice to master for those that want to develop and grow. We are so bullish about the lives we can impact and the business results our offering can deliver, we’ve invested 100% of our profits into the CharismaQ platform. Our platform will give you a baseline charisma score and allow you to connect with a charisma coach to create a meaningful development plan.  Our mission is to uncover and unleash the inner charismatic genius hiding in all of us.

Uncover and Unleash YOUR Inner Charismatic Genius

The last year has been an incredible ride for the CharismaQ team. We are looking for a few beta clients to help create an awesome member experience. We’d love to partner with you on our journey to bring the power of charisma to our new generation of selling. If you are interested, please send an email to terri@charismaq.com.

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