The Beginner’s Guide to Sales Enablement

The Beginner’s Guide to Sales Enablement

If a person has a lot of resources available to get a task done, they will be able to achieve desired results and finish the task more effectively and efficiently. The same is true for your sales team. If the right  sales team has the right resources and tools available, they can close a greater number of deals.

Sales enablement is a growing and complex function within organizations. This is a guide to help you understand the basics.

Sales enablement helps with this. Sales enablement has helped organizations achieve a win rate of 49%. More and more organizations are now using sales enablement.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is a repetitive process and is a relatively new practice, where organizations provide the best resources and tools necessary to enable the sales team to sell the product or service better and become more effective.

A sales team should be well-equipped with information because many buyers come after doing proper research. So to avoid any weird interactions, the sales team should be fluent in what they’re conversing in.

Benefits of Sales Enablement

  • Through sales enablement, all departments and teams in a company work together, and there’s better alignment in the company. Communication increases, and all customer touchpoints are educated about the same things.
  • A stronger communication passage means the company message becomes more powerful.
  • Productivity also increases as there’s little room for error now when it comes to communication.
  • The ultimate goal, increasing sales, is achieved, and you see a growth in the sales once the seller cycle improves and becomes more optimized.
  • Your brand becomes more consistent as the sales team becomes better at handling the role of the advisor, and retention rates become better.

Who Owns Sales Enablement in the Business?

Technically, every department will own the sales enablement in your business. However, since the main role of sales enablement is customer-centric, the sales and marketing departments will be the ones becoming more effective and efficient.

Sales enablement will provide tools and resources to all teams involved in a customer’s buying journey, including the web design team. All teams will have to get along to make sure that when their efforts are combined, a seamless process is carried out and desired results are achieved.

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