Use These 3 Words To Start Conversations

Use These 3 Words To Start Conversations

People buy from people they trust. Sellers who genuinely care and want to know more about THEM.

Show your empathy and be radically curious. Watch this quick video from our Co-Founder Katrina Cravy to see how.

Why is Empathy Important

Quick question for you?
Are you naturally curious about other people?
Can you put yourself in their shoes…see if from their perspective?

Lord knows we all need a big ‘ole helping of empathy right now for everyone around us.

The good news is your level of empathy for others is also a key component to boost your own success.

Tip to Become More Empathetic

Here’s a tip for becoming more empathetic. The start is to be curious.

Ask good questions that spark real conversations.

Thankfully, as a problem-solving consumer reporter for years, my level of empathy had to be high for people who were really in a jam.

Journalists are trained to ask good questions to spark meaningful conversations.

Open-ended Questions Vs. Close-Ended Questions

You must ask open-ended questions to show empathy and learn more
about the other person. Open-ended questions are wonderful because you
are asking to hear their story.

A close-ended question allows people to simply answer with a “yes” or “no”.

Boring and not charismatic plus close-ended questions are show stoppers on TV and in business.

They can kill your true success.

So here are the big three words you can use to build better relationships and show you care about others.

The Three Words to Improve Your Empathy

Are you ready?

“Tell me about”…”Tell me about”.

Those three words can lead to more sales and success in your life.

“Tell me about what you’re working on that excites you?”

“Tell me about your day?”

“Tell me how your sales team is doing in this new virtual world?”

Those three little words will be the start of improving your empathy score.

What’s Your Empathy Quotient?

If you’re a CharismaQ member, you know empathy is one of the six key components we measure.

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