Understand These 4 Elements for Outstanding Vocal Quality

Understand These 4 Elements for Outstanding Vocal Quality

Vocal delivery is the part of your speech delivery that is related to your voice. This can include rate, articulation, vocal variety, and volume. Vocal quality is a core part of engaging with your audience and keeping them interested. Further, good vocal quality ensures that the ideas you have get across clearly to your listeners.

1.  Pace

Refers to how fast or slow you speak. Speak too fast and your audience becomes overwhelmed with what you are saying and is unable to digest your message. Speak too slowly and the audience may lose interest in what you are saying. The key to finding the right rate is to vary your speed in the middle range, avoiding the extremes, and keeping your audience engaged.

2. Articulation

The clarity with which you speak. A person who is articulate will speak their words clearly. When words are not articulated properly, words run together and it is difficult to fully grasp what is being said. Mumbling is a sure way to turn your audience off – and have them lose faith in the message you are trying to convey.

3. Vocal Variety and Fluency

When building charisma, fluency refers not to your status as a native speaker but instead to the natural flow of your speaking. To speak fluently means that you speak without interruptions and without interjecting unintended pauses into your speech, or adding unnecessary verbal fillers such as “um,” “ah,” and “you know.”

4. Volume

Refers to how loud or quiet your voice is. Just like with many of the components described above, being too loud or too quiet can cause your audience to lose interest, tire of the constant need to focus, and drop out. Finding an acceptable middle range is ideal. Depending on the size of the room you are speaking in and whether your voice is amplified or not, you may need to practice nailing this important part of your voice. Keep this in mind; however, beginning speakers are most likely to speak too softly instead of too loudly.

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