What is Microlearning?

What is Microlearning?

Professional learning has become a staple currency in modern business. Its relevance has grown considerably in the last two years and is widely recognized. In fact the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) saw a 76% increase in the number of employers citing professional development and learning as an important priority from 2020 to 2021.

What is microlearning and how can it be used for professional development?

Microlearning, or microtraining, is on-demand, bite-sized learning employees can leverage at any time during their day. Microlearning can come in the form of short articles with key takeaways or video learning with tips and tricks that can be immediately applied to day-to-day work. Forward thinking companies are adding microlearning to their learning and development paths as a way to engage and meet the needs of the modern learner.

Three reasons why microtraining is a top learning and development trend

Traditional methods of learning and development no longer work for the modern employee or employer. Improvements in technology, an ever-changing workforce, and hybrid work environments have all played a part in the shift to microlearning, but there is also data that tells us why microlearning is a good choice.

1. Lack of Time

Despite their need to learn new skills, employees spend less than 1% of each week on learning. With staffing shortages and elevated customer expectations, employees can’t block out hours at a time on their schedules for learning.

2. Manager Competency

Forty five percent of managers don’t feel confident in their ability to develop the skills employees need.

3. Event-Based Learning Doesn’t Stick.

Research shows that 90% of what is learned during a workshop or a bootcamp is lost within a week if the learning is not reinforced.

Interested in adding microlearning to your L&D strategy?

If you believe microlearning and charisma coaching could be the key to your employee development programs, download our guide.


Microlearning to the rescue!

Organizations that add microlearning to a learning and development program, find skill development happens over time. Rather than long sessions covering multiple topics, microlearning is bite-sized and focused on a single topic. Microlearning is personalized to the learner and can be delivered in several interactive formats.

Microlearning also better supports people’s capacity to learn in an age of information overload. It makes learning more engaging and relevant, and is more effective for people with shorter attention spans. People with small windows of time in between meetings or projects can dedicate time to microlearning tasks.

Microlearning can boost your charisma

The relationships built with customers, leaders, and peers are more important than ever in modern business. The people who seem to do it effortlessly have charisma, defined as the ability to attract, engage, motivate, and influence those around you. The interpersonal skills that create charisma can be learned. CharismaQ is a coaching and communication platform purpose-built to evaluate, coach, and create charismatic people.

We leverage microlearning integrated with individual and group learning to meet the needs of modern learners in every way they prefer to digest and absorb information. Our coaching model is an ongoing cycle of measuring, teaching, and practicing. It’s more effective because microlearning is continually happening and is constantly reinforced.

The Way Forward

Interested in adding microlearning to your L&D strategy?

If you believe microlearning and charisma coaching could be the key to your employee development programs, download our guide.

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