What is Sales Enablement and How Does It Work?

What is Sales Enablement and How Does It Work?

An effective salesperson needs an arsenal of tools and skills to perform at a high level. Businesses now see sales enablement as a long-term solution to solve all their challenges related to ill-equipped sales teams.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is a repetitive process through which a business’s sales team is equipped with the resources they need to engage with their customers/buyers and effectively sell a product or service.

The use of sales enablement has increased by 343% in the past five years. Businesses that use sales enablement have 49% better win rates than those that don’t.

Sales enablement tools provide sales teams with content, information, training, coaching, and knowledge they require to help buyers on their journey. Sales enablement analytics also help the sales and marketing team with the various data-driven strategies and insights that can increase revenue and optimize the business.

Essential Components of a Sales Enablement Strategy

For any organization to experience growth in sales and increased revenue, a sales enablement strategy should be utilized to ensure your team has the tools needed to sell effectively.

Sales Enablement Learning and Coaching Plan

For the sales enablement strategy to be effective, you need a complete plan that includes a proper coaching process and robust learning. Sales enablement training provides an outline for the sales rep to learn and develop the soft skills necessary to sell and market a product or service. They will also learn what they need to do to close a deal by understanding target markets, the product or service, and the user personas of the buyers.

Up to Date Sales Content

Sales content is an essential component of any successful sales enablement strategy. The way a sales rep presents your product or service to the customers will depend on the sales content provided to them. Examples of sales content includes:

  • email templates
  • customer reviews
  • success stories
  • product description sheets
  • blog posts

Sales Enablement Tools & Technology

There are a variety of tools available that can help your sales team and save them valuable time. Sales enablement tools that support things like sales management, collaboration, CRM, and coaching can help your sales reps work more efficiently. Make sure to invest in the tools that will suit your sales process and help reduce the burden of selling the product or service.

Data Driven Sales Enablement

CharismaQ exists because of the scientific data that tells us virtual coaching key business leaders can exponentially improve outcomes for businesses that rely on high-trust transactions. So, we know the importance of using data to create your businesses’ foundational tools. A data-driven sales enablement process ensures your strategy is aligned with business goals. The data provides insight into the effectiveness of your strategy and increases the ways you can measure sales enablement success.


Are You Considering Sales Enablement Training?

At CharismaQ, we offer webinars, coaching sessions, workshops, and coaching subscriptions for those who need help with charisma & confidence coaching, employee retention strategies, leadership development & training, and virtual selling training. Maybe you are a sales enablement manager looking for coaching for your team or support creating engaging self enablement content. We can help. Our employee training programs, organization development programs, sales enablement coaching, and executive coaching can help you make sure proper sales enablement is happening in your organization.

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